The Journey continues……

OK, so I have started putting together my everyday capsule wardrobe using the existing clothes I have.Having done some research,  I have decided this will eventually be my  every day wear, essentially this won’t change much over the year.So this will be my core capsule, everyday wear Monday to Sunday.

Spring and Summer, Autumn and Winter will see additional items being added to the core. I might introduce trend items or  a colour here.

So , so far my basic everyday capsule has 27 items and I will be adding some basic accessories too. I have already  noted there are a couple of gaps including a basic black linen T and also one in white. Further gaps, but hopefully not too many will become apparent over time. However I don’t want my core to grow beyond 40 items give or take.

What I will say is this whole experience has been truly exceptional at allowing me to see everything so much clearer and really see my wardrobe. My only regret, I didn’t do this sooner!

The colours I’m drawn to are pretty evident  and feature consistently.

Black, Navy, Grey. denim and green.


Followed by

Red, Orange.metallic silver, nude.white



and finally these patterns feature



Leopard and stripes all the way for me, with a hint of camo 🙂

I also have a dark bitter chocolate pair of cords I love and some accessories in mustard that I also adore.


So my basic wardrobe features some of these shades in terms of clothes


These are my 27 items so far

What I have quickly established is I don’t think all these items will be continue to feature. I like blue denim and I have a couple of blue accessories I love. But I prefer to blue in that form vs say a dress.  So I will continue to work on my basics and tweak.

I will put a visual together as I work on it.

In addition to this core, I have two additional seasonal  everyday capsules that I have started to put together

So for example I will start to look at the Autumn /Winter capsule around April and choose the items I want to feature.My Autumn/Winter has 15 items so far , I aim to use 8 to 9 overall and pack the remaining away if they don’t fit within my vision for that season. That way I keep things new and fresh for the following year.


I know this will take time to work through, with some tweaks here and there but I’m happy with progress to date.

Here is my occasional capsule , 13 items to date. I will use these to transition  some of my core pieces or pick an outfit from the capsule.


I do have accessories to add and this will be part of my next weekend! In addition to my practical /functional and sentimental capsules.

So far 70 items of clothing feature in my capsules.

Nothing is set in stone, I can adapt and tweak as needed  and I think my colours will change slightly, especially in my core capsule. For instance I don’t see navy blue featuring highly, more as a seasonal /trend. Its all part of the journey !!

Happy sorting and  here is to conscious shopping !




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Progress so far …..

So the quest to down scale continues….

This weekend has seen me have a massive clear out of clothes… the usual what do I love,  whats a maybe, whats a definite no etc etc.

So I have gone from 196 items to a more respectable 129 items . This isn’t the final amount, this is the first cull!!!

I’m going to create a few capsules and see what I actually use. There are loads of different bloggers out there with guidelines. I quite like Useless DK see here . She has got some great guides and tips.

My categories that work for me are,

1. Everyday : work and weekends or On duty off duty and seasonal

2. Occasion wear – Formal and Social and seasonal

3. Practical and Functional – Lounge wear and Gym and seasonal

4. Sentimental

So the remaining items I have will now be placed into one of the above categories. I will give you a quick update as to the amount of items I have in each. That will be interesting!!!

Happy sorting.!

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What do I currently own ……

Today was the perfect day to start looking at what I currently own. It was that miserable hot drizzle rain day that basically meant I was indoors. So step one , get my clothes rack at the ready in the spare room , followed by step two, everything I own all bar my wedding dress and 2 items of clothing that are purely sentimental placed on my queen sized bed…… WOW it felt like a huge amount all placed together.


First thing I thought, Shit where do I bloody start!!!

So I put together my categories grabbed items that fit and placed them on my clothes rail to photograph.

Outerwear = 14 items


Jackets = 14 ( weird 14 again !!)


Dresses = 12    Skirts = 12

img_1648 IMG_1660.JPG

Trousers = 9  Denim = 10 shorts = 2

IMG_1649.JPG img_1650

Casual/Lounge wear Trousers =5  Sweatshirts = 5 ( I found another top post photo!)

 IMG_1663.JPG  img_1651

Shirts and blouses= 12 Casual shirts= 3

IMG_1652.JPG IMG_1654.JPG

Breton tops = 5


Knitwear = 8 Evening tops= 3

IMG_1656.JPG IMG_1657.JPG

Long sleeve T’s = 13  Short sleeve T’s 7 + Singlets 2 = 9

IMG_1658.JPG IMG_1659.JPG

I then decided to add some addition categories

Gym gear, vests( I had a load!!) sarongs and swimwear = 64 (bloody hell!!)

So I have a total of 196 items , not the 427 my husband guessed !!! cheeky bugger.

So the next step is to go through each category  and decide what I want to keep.

My categories make sense to my wardrobe….. feel free to use them

I will use this week to create the next categories.

Happy Sorting 🙂



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It’s time to take stock…….

Last year I started looking at minimalist living and conscious buying. If I buy an item I try to buy well and ethically and I certainly believe in quality over quantity.

This year I will be looking at what I currently own and intend on scaling back further. We know things don’t make us happy so in 2019 I will be consciously stepping away from consumerism and asking myself ,” will this item add any value to my life”

I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but its time to make some changes. I am aiming for 101 possessions first, that is just my magic number that I want to aim for. Maybe a lot in the eyes of some but its a starting point. !!

I’m not sure what 101 possessions look like at the moment and that’s part of the journey……watch this space 🙂

I’m never going to be the person that preaches, but I do encourage conscious buying, and on that note check out the article in the guardian today about the Spice girls  T shirts  for comic relief …….

Happy Sorting and shop well



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Shoe of the week.

Sometimes you just have to buy out of season ! But optimistacally we have just had the shortest day here in NZ , so summer is on its way.

The Brigstock sandal from HUSH is gorgeous. It combines comfort with style and will transition from day to night with ease.

I envisage these fabulous beauties will be a regular feature on my feet over the warmer months.

These really do tick all my boxes.

Available for pre order here and at £99.


Styled onthe HUSH site beauifully.


The options are endless !

Happy Shopping



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Shoe of the week.

I adore animal print and I adore boot,,,, so Bingo !

The Rock Ankle Boot from La Tribe.

The Ultimate classic boot, whats not to love, pointed boot and stiletto heel.

100% suede outer and 100% suede inner, not available till July these have jumped onto my wish list.

NZ Stockists here these will retail for  $349.00 or pre- order from La Tribe here


Bring out your inner rock chick!

I will take inspiration from Bella Freud 1970’S merino jumper, Topshop Baxter jeans, an investment coat, this one is GUCCI and a MOOI ponyskin clutch.

Happy Shopping


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My fave glow to products!

How do  you get your glow on?

I have a mixture of skin care products and make up products that I use. I also have an oily complexion so I do tend to get my shine on ( which I knock back with blotting papers, no powder for me!)


So my skincare products are not products that I use in my skin care if that makes sense. I take these two skin care products and use them  mixed in with foundation or alone on high points.

Tom Ford Radiant moisture souffle


 Very rich and creamy, but oil free so used in moderation my skin can tolerate this vs me getting breakouts. And I truly love this, its gorgeous. Worn alone with a very light concealer/foundation it gives a beautiful radiance or I will mix it up with foundation for an evening out .

A recent find and a lighter alternative is the Elizabeth Arden Illuminating emulsion.

I will probably use this as a moisturiser during the day as it does have skin care benefits but I will also tap it onto high points over foundations at night . Its light and boy does it give glow and you get a lorra lorra product.Saying that I haven’t been using it long enough to comment too much. I will keep you posted.



So my go to makeup bases are light and dewy, they include Charlotte Tilbury, Mac Face and Body, Hourglass Georgio Armani. In theory all products I am advised not to use because I am oily, but I love em .

So I like dewy stix highlighting balm from Ciate London. It brings glow without colour or shimmer and again isn’t too heavy My go to shade is glow and I also like to mix it with powder eye shadow for a dewy wet look.



My latest find is the ltd edition MAC face and body from their Mirage Noir collection shade light pearl. I have only tested this in store, but it was must have a first sight.


It comes in two shades and I will mix mine with MAC face and body  N3 and also apply it as a light bronzer over the top.

So all of these products give glow, are not shimmery and  are all light weight.


I still have the Daniel Sandler watercolour fluid blush in rose glow on my radar to add to the glow, but in the meantime my Bobbie Brown rouge pot in Fresh Melon does the job very well.


So what are you go to glow products


Happy Shopping




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