Ah those Christmas themes just keep a coming ! sorry I cant resist, they will get better with time honest 🙂

Well continuing the theme of fabulous little gift sets , my next would be Lancôme mascara, obviously given away by the creative title !

Every Christmas, Lancôme produce a set contain one of their fabulous mascaras, a cute sized Bi-Facil non oily instant Makeup Remover and a mini crayon Khol eye liner in their best selling colour 01 Noir. Last year I was over seas for Christmas and I also  picked up a set containing  a mini lipstick  L’Absolu Rouge 132 Caprice red, however I have never seen that in NZ sadly. I do find it frustrating that not all the sets appear to available and I am gutted to find a fantastic set containing  Hypnose Volumising Black and 3 other mini mascaras  is no where to be found over here. If you are heading over to the UK by any chance or if you know someone who can buy it for you , its a steal at 22 pounds , that’s less than $50, and called Lancôme Hypnose Volumising Black Mascara Wardrobe Set, it’s available from good old  Boots :). So that’s about it from Lancôme for me, whilst they do a range of sets, I’m really only faithful to their mascaras, so the little additions are a welcomed bonus and great for little trips . I’ve dabbled with their skincare in the past , but to be honest generally Lancôme does not  rock my world. I will however say that in my opinion  their mascaras are truly the best .

Whilst I don’t wear any of their perfume , I will just acknowledge their fabulous fragrance sets that they bring out this time of year, excellent value for money .

So below will be a guaranteed purchase and again I will wait for Farmers to have a special , generally the sets retail for the price of a mascara $56 . My absolute favourites are Définicils High Definition Mascara for lavishly long, perfectly defined lashes, this iconic award-winning mascara provides the ultimate in separation and Hypnôse Custom Volume Mascara. fantastic volumising mascara  that doesn’t smear, smudge or clump, now you cant ask more than that and it does exactly what it says on the tin !


my I wish I could get my hands on this set , copy link below




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