If your kids have…..

curly hair, unruly hair, hair that gets tangles, thick hair knotty hair ,long hair, hair they won’t brush , hair they wont let you brush ….you get my drift, this might just be the answer.

Tangle teezer, is a great hair tool that I can honestly say works, I have one and I will profile it in another posting.It’s great on wet or dry hair and the vibrant colours and ergonomic shape, have mass appeal and make it easy for all ages to use. And you never know, it might just encourage your gorgeous little beauties to brush their own ! Just imagine no more hair tantrums and that extra 5 mins in the morning ,,,,, well you can choose what you do with that time 🙂

The flower pot below also has storage space for hair ties and clips

fppink fpyellow fppurple

There are a number shops and online stores that stock these above  and others styles in the range.

I have this one, named the Gold Rush compact styler. I like it,it is small compact, ever so stylish and the protector means the teeth don’t attract the unpleasant fluff , crumbs and other mysterious crap that always seems to appear in the bottom of your bag.


There are a number of NZ stockists , both pharmacy’s  and online .Prices range quite considerably actually ,so it is worth having a mooch around. Prices vary depending on the product , i.e. the basic original is the cheapest, but also the best for keeping in the shower .


There are a few suppliers popping up in NZ check out you local pharmacy, alternatively drop them a line on facebook to find out local suppliers


This was an instance where I chose to get mine from an overseas site as there was  a too good a deal to miss. I will keep you updated with any deals coming up. Otherwise www.beautyselect.co.nz/ are  the cheapest in NZ that I have been able to find.



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3 Responses to If your kids have…..

  1. Pol says:

    Hey Sam, Is there a NZ stockist for these Tangle Teezers? I have a 2 year old with an afro/ringlets and hair brushing is a bit of a nightmare!

  2. sfn4 says:

    HI Pol, yes there are a number of local stockists, Radius pharmacies in PN stock the full range , prices start from $28 for the original and go to $39 for the flower pot , The compact styler sits mid range. Whilst I support local, you might want o check out Beautybay.com you will be paying about 50% which is pretty significant.

  3. Pol says:

    Hey Sam, Just wanted to say thanks for putting me on to these. I got myself a delishy pink one and a flower pot one for the little ginger. We used it last night after the shower on her and again this morning on her ringlets/afro and it just slides through beautifully. No more of her telling me “Mummy, be soft!” Thanks so much 🙂

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