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OK, one of my serious vices  is signing up to every emailing list that exists, its my thing. The problem is I can’t delete them, you never know what useful little bit of info you might get. So I figure, I can save you all of the burden of trawling through screeds of emails and online noise, filtering out the tat, to bring you the good stuff 🙂



Great company that I have used on several occasions and have never been disappointed with their service or quality of their products.

USFUL INFO –they currently have a little sale category that has some great little bargains.

My two favourites,

MAMA MASSAGE OIL & BABY  OIL , both 150ml and reduced to $10 from $29


The ingredients and fragrance vary slightly , so check out both to see which if any you prefer, it might not be your cup of tea, but its worth checking out.

Great to pop into a bowl and soak your feet  after a long day ! Both relaxing and a perfect bit of prepping for the sandal wearing weather 🙂 Don’t forget ladies, it does not take long for your feet to look  dry and crusty , ugh I know , but seriously we ALL notice it!

Sign up to their news letter and you get an extra 15% off.

Postage is $6.50 , you and a friend could share ?

Any how , its worth checking out the site anyway 🙂





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1 Response to Useful info

  1. BusyLiz says:

    Perfect, those emails grate me and the oil sounds gorgeous. Thanks S&F. Looking forward to your 12 days of Christmas 🙂

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