Ah the penny has dropped!

Now I understand why Carrie Bradshaw had a “weekly column ” 🙂 Darn that girl had a life to live too. Its not easy working full time and trying to knock out an 800 -1000 word posting . LOL obviously I have an issue with size, I do get  carried away, so much I want to share.

So, just to keep you updated, I’m working on my take of The 12 days of Christmas, with a twist, ready to launch on Sunday 1st Dec. I’m also developing a “How to put together a capsule wardrobe  for 2014 “a great way to start the year;as well as a ‘Hall of Fame’ for beauty products. So ladies no, I’m not sitting back watching reruns of Sex and the City honest and to prove it , check out this little gem.

Let me introduce you to  Lily and Lionel. This London based company produces the most stunning scarves that are truly breath taking. No I don’t own one, but that will all change in 2014 :).

Piccadilly Terracotta & Grey is one of my favourites,

73% WOOL 19% SILK 8% CASHMERE A trio of fabrics that will make wrapping up a pleasure 🙂

lil lil2

I will be doing a feature on them soon, watch this space 🙂

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