On the first day of Christmas, South and Finsbury brings to you ……

Ah the 1st Dec, time to dress your tree, start wrapping your presents ,whilst watching cheesy films! and making sure all your Christmas CDs are stacked in preparation to pump out those fabulous tunes 🙂 and I love it. So yes, my 1st December has not disappointed, NOW THATS WHAT I CALL CHRISTMAS, CD has been played, the tree has been decorated and as I’m typing this The Holiday is on in the back ground, I make no apologies 🙂

I love December and I love the build up to Christmas day, all the little things that you do that just make all that little bit extra special. So today is the start of merriment season 🙂 and its there to enjoy.

My Christmas tree fills me with a little bit of “mmmmm”, I adore it and its incredibly sentimental.  A few years ago, I got a heart decoration, then I bought one and so on and so on. Now ,if ever I visit anywhere I always have a little mooch around to add to my collection. So I call my tree, my heart tree, they are all various sizes and textures, have been beautiful gifts from family and friends or special finds on special trips. So my tree decorating is a wee trip down memory lane and always brings a smile to my face, happy happy times. This year, my latest addition takes pride of joy at the top of the tree, thank you to my lovely friend who saw this and thought of me. So every year my tree grows so to speak 🙂 I do have other decorations too and yes I have a colour theme ! For me its shades of red,silver and white.

There are truly some beautiful decorations around, every year Witchery produce decorations as part of their  Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation campaign, stunning and for a great cause !

4515_25995_31056             4514_25994_31072          4492_25972_31273http://www.witchery.com.au/shop/her/home/christmas-decorationshttp://www.witchery.com.au/shop/gift-guide/her/ocrf-silver-gifts/626016/OCRF-Medium-Heart-Jingle.html

prices start at $12.90 -$34.90

The large jingle wreath is lovely , maybe next year !



Taking it to the next level is Waterford Crystal, these make a divine gift in their own right. Ballantynes Dept store in Christchurch carry a beautiful range. Prices start at $55

160054_125 155202_125161066_125162962_125

check out their website too, they have an international postal servicehttp://www.crystalclassics.com/waterford/cmas/ornaments/watorncoll.htm

Locally I have collected hearts and ornaments from Poppies in Fielding , Furniture Fayre and Trade Aid. They all carry a lovely range and it really is a pick and mix of colours , textures and shapes that you want. Also check out the Heirloom Company, pop in store or go online line.

???????? ???????? ???????? ????????

Prices start from $5.50


I also have my stocking, no longer filled with treats and goodies but fond memories and that little red felt sock has travelled the world with me and is officially 38 year old this year, thanks mum 🙂

So my wrapping paper is brown this year , I fancied going rustic and sprucing it up with soft gold ribbon. You would be surprised where you come across all these fabulous bit and bobs. The post office, best supplier of brown paper in town 🙂 and Countdown Terrace End have a great set of bows, ribbons and gift cards for $5 , have to say I was totally surprised and very impressed 🙂 they are by far the best quality I have come across !

So my lights on my tree are finally visible,  its all a wee bit magical , the candy canes have been well hidden so are still all in tact … for now at least !

I’m a wee bit traditional, I’ve had a lovely day and I hope you’ve enjoyed yours too.





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2 Responses to On the first day of Christmas, South and Finsbury brings to you ……

  1. silverflower says:

    I often use brown paper as my base too .. with a little Christmassy extra to make it pretty and for special people, coloured tissue inside .. however, I digress I was going to say, I love the sound of the themed heart tree … it sounds lovely, full of memory and styley too …

    As a mother of 3, our tree can’t really be called styley but still full of love and memories of a more ‘handcrafted kind’ 🙂 … we buy one special ornament every year to add to our tree and I was thinking it would be nice to give each of the kids a different shape (a heart, a star and a borble [sp??] for example) and then they could add every year to their particular part of the collection – although now am wondering if that is limiting their imagination … anyway, love the heart tree idea – a piccie perhaps??

    • sfn4 says:

      Its a tricky one, but the scope of hearts and stars and baubles are huge maybe you could rotate 🙂 I don’t think there is anything wrong with a theme either !!!
      And yes I will pop a picci up 🙂

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