On the second day of Christmas South and Finsbury bring to you …..

Eleven French products you must try at least once !. There are certain things the French do well and beauty products is one of them. This could easily turn into a months posting and its highly likely I will review more of these products and maybe have a little French feature ! But for now this is a little taster of some simply gorgeous beauty products. Some of these products I have tried, some are on my wish list, so here goes I hope you enjoy 🙂

1.NUXE -RĂŠVE DE MIEL- A lovely hand and nail cream that is lightly fragranced, soaks into the skin beautifully, whilst  leaving no nasty residue on the skin. It’s a great all rounder that I will keep purchasing and as a bit of a hand cream freak, that is saying something ! Ingredients include ,Chilean rose, avocado and sweet almond precious oils, a real little treat!


2.CLARINS – Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector- a stunningly  scented lip gloss that is a day to day staple. The colour range has been expended to 6 colours all of them are divine but rosewood number 6 is the show stealer for me.


3.BIODERMA CrĂ©aline H20 – Great for removing eye make up, its a staple in many a make up artists kit. It is a gentle, fragrance-free micellar solution ( water ), that does the job perfectly. Now some people use this to cleanse with, NO NO NO NO NO NO, you get my drift. You don’t cleanse with this stuff, or any cleansing water actually and there are loads out there, soak the cotton pad place over the eye, let it soak fro a minute or two then very gently remove and voila , eye make all gone and now you are ready to cleanse.


4. CHANEL NAIL POLISH- there is a reason why there is a constant wait list for new releases, crazy I know but there you go. A perfect gift with some classic colours, a great investment. I have a theory with nail polish, invest in the 3 staples, one dark colour, one neutral and one red, this is another posting I think 🙂 This little set has it all, definitely on my wish list.


Brilliant nails make a festive statement with LE VERNIS Nail Colour All Chanel nail products are formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and DBP-free.

5.CHANTECAILLE – Lip Chic. This brand is fast becoming one of my favourites. Each time I try a product I want to buy it. This brand should come with  warning ! Be prepared to accept the fact you might just want to part with cash after testing 🙂 Camelia and Amour are very pretty :). And are the perfect gift, truly.


6. CAUDALIE BEAUTY ELIXER – is a blend of tonic and serum. Its a great treatment and boots radiance. It contains  refreshing extracts of grape, toning rosemary, astringent organic mint balm and uplifting mint essential oils. Beauty Elixir soothes and prepares your skin for treatments and makeup.It does contain alcohol so might no be perfect for everyone. I don’t use this every day, just when I want a bit of oomph. Great on zits too. This is a limited edition bottle, cute eh and again , stunning gift , comes in 30 ml throw in a hand cream and gloss, would bring a smile to anyone face, surely !


7. BY TERRY- OK  I can’t feature a product, I’m just going to say  try everything 🙂 I own none of it, I want all of it .Terry de Gunzburg was the creator of the  YSL Touche Éclat pen, one  is sold every 10 seconds, enough said, she just gets it ! What that women has created for the complexion makes my want to take out a serious over draft. I am going to be honest, this is bloody expensive, just warning you 🙂 below I have featured 2 foundations and blushers, I will feature this brand  again at some stage, in the meantime if you come across it, try it out.

1-terry-sheer-expert-fluid-foundationSheer expert foundation  003580-1-terry-rosederoseliquid blusher.

8.GUERLAIN-  Terracotta Bronzing powder. I first bought this way back in the 90’s, feels like a distant memory! Since then a number of variations have been added to the collection. I love that they come in a range of shades and formulas to suit a whole range of complexions and skin types. The feature  below is the A Light sheer bronzing powder. A real mosaic of colours, this light bronzing powder is a unique combination of five shades warmed with subtly mixed golden particles for a delicate tan. Endlessly adjustable, they ensure an incredibly natural result, for both blondes and brunettes.


9. NUXE- Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil. Lets just say this will forever be a feature in my top ten. A cult classic , I got my hands on a 100 ml bottle  last year  and its still going strong. Can be used on the body, face and hair .The fragrance  its not everyone’s cup of tea.,would love it hate it !That seems to be the gist of reviews I have read 🙂 They also produce a shimmer product , but that’s not really my thing. I would probably say it would be fantastic though given my experience with the dry oil.


10. YVES SAINT LAURENT -Radiant Touch/ Touche Eclat – How could I not feature this, one is sold every 10 seconds ! They have expanded the colour range which is good, great if your skin has pink undertones. This gold pen is worthy of an iconic status 🙂


11. AVENE -Gentle Milk Cleanser- great for the second  cleanse at the end of the day. A milk that doesn’t strip the skin, it leaves your skin feel soft and moisturised. I will be doing a feature on skin care in the new year 🙂 Actually there are a number of products I want to try out in this range.


Feel free to send me a message if you are wanting to find a stockist of NUXE, Bioderma or Caudalie. All the other brands featured are available in New Zealand 🙂

So just a few of my absolute favourites

Enjoy 🙂

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