On the fouth day of Christmas South and Finsbury brings to you ….

Well I have had a night of knitting, eating beautiful homemade Christmas cake and watching Love Actually. Thanks for a lovely evening Mrs W 🙂

So tonight I bring you White, yes, yes , yes I know its a bugger to clean and a bugger to keep it that gorgeous pristine white. But with a little bit of TLC, classic white is a true investment colour that will see you from season to season. So whether it be an accessory or an item of clothing, treat yourself and have yourself a merry little white Christmas 🙂

Here are some of my favourites,


Whitchery – Classic maxi dress $129, a simple design great for the party season


white shoe

Mi Piaci -Laron Shoe $310

White leather Spanish sandal with a hint of gold – glorious

http://www.mipiaci.co.nz/product-display-87.aspx?CategoryId=134&ProductId=5272&Colour=White Leather


ZARA-Double breasted white coat-69.99GBP

Sadly Zara do not post to NZ, this is for UK readers only,Mum you might be getting a phone call 🙂


ASOS-Mango Touch Metallic Wing Shopper Bag – NOW NZD$ 83.06


Great weekend bag , dress up jeans with heels and a black tux!


Redcurrent – Fedora Hat White with Black & White Ribbon $28



Karen Milllen- White Tux 190 GBP


( Karen Millen has a store in New Market – Auckland )


SABEN-Tilly $220

Is it a wallet , a purse or a clutch – its every thing and more .Easily see you from day to night .Comes in some stunning colours


or check out POSH on George street in PN


I love a mans white shirt, just, I think the fabrics and cuts are perfect. Whether teamed up with jeans and havaianas , or a dress skirt and heels, I just love the overall look.


White eyeliner on the waterline really opens up the eye and makes the eye pop.

Brands that have received great reviews for their white/off white pencils

MAC- Auckland and Wellington

Benefit- Auckland and Wellington

Nars – Auckland Wellington

Best to go in and talk to a consultant about the shade that would best suit you and your colouring 🙂



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