On the fifth day of Christmas south and finsbury brings to you ……

Some fabulous sites for you to get top tips, reviews  and advice or for you to make some great little purchases 🙂

So yes I’m sharing some of my personal favourite sites, hopefully a lovely selection that you will find useful and enjoyable to browse  🙂

OK this women has been around for years and whilst she has created her own line of products, she and a team also provide a huge range of informative reviews on a number of products, including skincare and makeup. Now to be honest , when I first came across this, I might admit to becoming mildly obsessed and quite literally took everything as gospel. However, whilst I still find this site very useful, I have had a reality check 🙂 just like this blog the views and opinions  on the site above are personal. Don’t get me wrong as I said I still use this site, but if took it literally I would not  be using some of the gorgeous products I use today :). So I use it as  guide only, its free to sign up, pop on explore but don’t forget, nothing beats going and getting a sample and trying it out for yourself 🙂


Another great review site from normal folk just like me and you 🙂 Really informative and it wont take you long to see some pretty significant differences of opinion from the site above. I also use this forum to review products and will also link them to this blog too. Again pop on and explore, if you are thinking of making a purchase. Source a few opinions, try and get a sample, make notes of what you experience, is it worth buying :).

New Zealand number 1 online discount pharmacy. Carry and  have access to a massive range of products including premium skin care and makeup. If you know the product you are wanting, check out the price on this site, its usually cheaper .My only gripe is their index system, I was trying to Clinique take the day of balm and it stared to become mildly annoying, I have sent them feedback :).Anyway, I think the range and prices make this a check the item out here site.

What size am I , a great creation. You basically pop your personal measurements in and hey presto it throws out the clothing size best suited to you from range  of clothing brands 🙂 Some of the brands are available of ASOS , so its worth just checking out 🙂 Still hate that ZARA don’t post, yes I have also bombarded them with emails 🙂

Still a favourite and with free postage to NZ and a supplier of some of my favourite UK brands , ASOS will always be a keeper 🙂

I love there store in Wellington, so this is a perfect substitute for every day browsing for ideas. They carry a beautiful range of nic naks, bags, balms, hand creams, accessories and home ware.It’s quirky, stylish and generally a great place where you always end up parting with cash 🙂

The first fine stationary shop in NZ , I spend hours looking at their gorgeous range, full of ideas for gifts all year round 🙂 If ever you are visiting Auckland, try and pop into their store on Parnell Road, you wont be disappointed.

Looking for the best price for a camera, phone, computer, home ware, the list is endless 🙂 ,Type in what you want and this will through up all the stockists in NZ starting with the cheapest at that time , prices change frequently and they always reflect sales etc. Great site and go to for me, if ever I want to buy an electronic item. Get the best price, then I can pop onto NZ pharmacy for that great little lippy I’ve been eying up :).


Also want to mention http://www.etsy.com/nz/ thanks to my friend who told me about this site. Haven’t had chance to look properly but the homepage is certainly calling me back 🙂

I’m no expert, but if you have a question about an item or a product feel free to flick me a question and I will try and help you source it or let you know if I have seen a review or tried it 🙂

So join me tomorrow for a bit of Metallica 🙂



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