On the ninth day of christmas South and Finsbury brings to you ……

Four definite must haves for the summer.

  • Sunglasses

My lovely husband Mr G drives me to distraction with sunnies, he is in the lose them or break them camp, every single time he has a pair!!! He is currently on pair number six. On my travels many years ago,I bought a pair of Oakley’s , I loved them with their gorgeous silver frames, just perfect. I had those for eight years, Mr G didn’t have them for one summer, urgh ! So over the years we have steadily reduced the amount spent on his sunnies, currently a cheap white and red plastic pair are being worn, oh and yes they only have one arm left, I doubt they will last the summer 🙂

The beauty about sunglasses is they cover all price points and are a really great way of keeping up with trends. Keep an eye out for the shapes and colours trending and you can guarantee you can pick up a pair for a fraction of the price in your local fashion stores.

If you want to invest in a good pair and they will see you through seasons,think GUCCI- Jacqui O and Ray Ban -Aviators , hmmmmmmm 🙂 classic and gorgeous.

But if you want to be on trend for 2014 consider some of the following pointers,

  • mirrored lenses still trending for 2014
  • aquatic, the name says it all , blue , blue and a bit more blue
  • mat clear frames and
  • angular frames


image1xl 3                                image1xl h

Check out ASOS for a great selection of on trend sunnies  – there is currently 20%0ff some already amazing prices !

  • The maxi

A classic summer staple that just keep on giving, perfect for the weekends and the holidays. Slip on a pair of slides a statement necklace or bangles and a wrap, grab your clutch and hey presto !

 image1xl 1

Love this mono maxi from ASOS $134 but there is 20% off at the mo ! Also comes in white and citrus.

  • Freshen up your skin through out the day by decanting some toner into a spray bottle, perfect for popping into your bag and giving you a well deserved spritz as the temperature rises. Better still keep it in the fridge.

untitled z

L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Expertise Age Perfect Refreshing Toner 200ml $18 a and will last you ages, available in selected supermarkets a great price for a great product. I’m not a huge fans of waters, Evian , Avene etc, they don’t hydrate the skin, you might get an instance hit but you end up looked more dehydrated, trust me on this one !

  • Cologne sticks/Roller sticks

Leave in the fridge and dab on through out the day.  They are versatile, convenient and a great price. Prices will vary dependant on what you get, roller sticks tend to be around the $36 mark and the size is usually 7.5ml. Cologne sticks are a solid balm that are usually around the 20ml mark in size. They can be found in the beauty section in department stores, you might need to go hunting around, but they are there 🙂

untitled cs

 4711, an oldie but a goodie, definitely stocked by Kirkaldie and  Stains in Wellington. Yardley also have a lovely lavender stick

Or buy your own rollerball and decant you perfume in, great for hot days but also over night trips, weekends away and holiday’s. Maybe a great Christmas present !!!


also available in a spray. Farmers stock these and any decent department store and they don’t cost the earth , expect to pay around the $20 mark .

Just a few things to tickle your fancy 🙂

I will also be doing a feature on sunscreen shortly, an absolute essential that is worthy of it own spot.

Join me tomorrow for 3 gorgeous dress’s for you frockoholicks out there, perfect for Christmas day dress up





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