On the twelfth day of christmas South and Finbury bring to you ….

Ah now for me the last day of my 12 days is finishing with a touch of luxury. I adore Karen Walker jewellery. On one hand it is quirky, on the other timeless. She covers the whole spectrum. Generally the price range is WAY out of my range , but there are a few pieces that are affordable, especially if you wear silver.This is a great gift, if a few of you can chip in and share .

untitled kw                        untitled wr

mini daisy ring $119                                                                       Wreath ring $139


runaway girl earrings $89

untitled kw 1

Daisy bangle $55

And finally one of my favourite pieces from the season by far

images c

Critter necklace $65

comes in three colours including mustard and an orange.

so a bit of affordable Karen, check out her website for some truly special pieces.

Cameron Jewellers in Queen street carry a great range, the metal and enamel range can be bought on line.

For a lovely unaffordable piece!

Filigree Bangle Silver

untitled kw f

$1899, hey hum, beautiful, but never in a million years !

So I hope the past few days have been an enjoyable read and given you a few ideas. This has been a wonderful way to start my blog.

The rest of the run up to Christmas will be a combination of present ideas, products and reviews and useful info.

The new year will commence with  features on skincare and building a capsule wardrobe, in addition to regular postings, watch this space 🙂


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One Response to On the twelfth day of christmas South and Finbury bring to you ….

  1. silverflower says:

    why is it that I want the lovely unaffordable piece!!!????? 🙂 wouldn’t say no to any of it though and didn’t realise KW did affordable pieces so thanks!

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