A perfect nude eyeshadow

Clarins Mineral Mono Eyeshadow 08 Taupe (2g)

Beautiful  packaging, this comes in a gold compact with a mirror. I’m  not mad on the sponge applicator, but nothing new there.  This colour is prefect day or night, a versatile neutral shade,I love it. Definitely go in store and ask to have it applied, make sure it suits your colouring, it is but better to be safe than sorry !

I bought this and I have no regrets. The texture is lovely and  I am able to apply it with ease.  The colour lasts all day and it doesn’t crease ( I do use a primer sometimes but more in the evenings). It blends beautifully and has a lovely soft shimmer.

The mineral texture can be applied wet or dry, to beautifully enhance the eyes with matte, satin or shimmer finish.

Ideal for a gift or for yourself and it is available at Clarins counters nationally, retails for $44

Currently available at Strawberrynet for $28.00


images clarins

Enjoy 🙂

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2 Responses to A perfect nude eyeshadow

  1. Jolene says:

    I took your advice and had this applied today at the Farmers Albany Clarins counter. Just love the result and will be back tomorrow to buy some. Thanks for recommending this, it is not a colour I would usually look at.

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