Bronzer and snow !!!

yes I know this a is a strange combination but its Christmas !!! am off to Welly so will hold off on the lippy till I visit MAC

But ,I think I might have found a fabulous bronzer with out the silly price tag.!! My dream bronzer, definitely Guerlain however with a and wait for this even my knees buckled, a price tag of $155, never in a month of Sundays  springs to mind. I’m not sure what I would want a bronzer of this price to do but I’m sure as hell never gonna find out, give me a soft dewy look, get rid of any imperfections, serve me a cocktail !!!.

Anyway, I have been on the hunt ever since I heard the price of my dream bronzer and by George I think I have found a fabulous solution.

Body shop , I repeat Bodyshop have a fab bronzer. Having been a regular visitor in the 80’s and 90’s moving to NZ this store kind of fell off my radar. We then got Bodyshop here  but I never really embraced it again. However, I popped in a while ago and I remembered why I used to love it so much. The ginger shimmer lotion was a recent purchase as you know. Well I tried out their bronzer and it is fabulous.

Honey bronze bronzing powder comes in 3 shades, light, fair and medium. (4 shades in the uk) What I love is that it’s matte , non of the shiny sparkle stuff, great for the body, I personally hate it on the face.

So I had this applied , I was fair 2 matte and its is perfect and with a great price of $32.50 well worth it.

88152m_l                            images bronzer


I’m not going to say it cheap and cheerful, I think this is just an excellent product with a great price tag too boot.

Any way , Merry Christmas, enjoy and see you soon !

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