Get Lippy !

The range of lippies and balms and glosses are truly mind boggling ! Textures, formulas, pigments, colours, finishes , cool tones, warm, blue based the list goes on and on and well lets face it, it can get slightly over whelming.

I have tended to be a natural gloss and balm kind of women for a long time, but recently I have started to embrace lipsticks and not just lipsticks but lipsticks with a pop of colour.

It has actually surprised me, but I am really enjoying exploring and I have no problem asking to try a product on, then off I go. It gives me chance to see what I think of the texture, the colour, the taste/scent and the longevity of the product, etc whew :). If I like it, then I will go back:) or if its a high end brand I might see if I can source it cheaper.

Yesterday , my goal was to find a pink with a pop ! I came across these little beauties

A YSL lippy Rouge Volupté Shine -Number 6 Pink in devotion, beautiful texture, very moisturising, gorgeous packaging and nice scent. A fabulous gift !!!

$65 dollars in  Farmers.

$44.50 0n Strawberry net.- big difference in price I have to say.

imagesPM6IG2TMPink in devotion

An amazing alternative …..

Revlon -Colourburst in Sorbet $24.50. Wow what a pop of colour from a balm like product. I have used the product before but had gone for a more safe subtle colour.  The packaging is definitely different, but I have to say the colour was remarkably similar in fact almost identical. Mmmmmm I think I’m typing myself into this :).

      images sorbet                   136

Take away the Strawberry net option and I have to say $40 is a massive difference that is hard to justify. On this occasion I think Revlon wins the race, this colour is one I will wear on occasions vs  on a regular basis, so a bit of a no brainer really !

Have to say this is when I wish I had a MAC counter at hand !!!! Other brands I will consider, Clarins and Bodyshop, I will pop out tomorrow  for a look and keep you posted.


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