The last day of the year where has the time gone!

Today I completed a 10 mile walk , even with factor 30 on, I now have a healthy glow !

My favourite product to calm down my skin  Origins Drink up Intensive overnight mask. This stuff is fabulous and works. After a cleanse ,I applied  the mask to my face, gently massaging it in then voila, just let it sink in. You don’t remove it (and it can be worn overnight, even with a more oily skin this stuff does not break me out.

The smell might not be everyone’s cup of tea, its kind of herby smell, its contains seaweed. But it works, so I don’t care!

Its best for dehydrated, so perfect after being exposed to the elements. This is 100ml and mine is now 4 months old and still going strong.


$45 Mecca Cosmetica Auckland Wellington and online

UK- 22 pounds at Origins counters nationwide

So mask on and  bubbles poured and I’m going to wake up with lovely hydrated skin Happy 2014 !!!

So happy new year everyone ,I’m really looking forward to the blog this coming 2014, so many things  to share 🙂

LOL I have just read the preview, I’m writing about factor 30 with snow gently falling on the home page 🙂 ( 3 days to go )

Anyway ,enjoy and let me know if you try or buy 🙂



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