Confessions of a scarfaholic !

I love a good scarf, what ever the season !

I currently have an array hanging off a ladder( hooked through the steps that is lent against the wall ) perfect to see the delightful items on a daily basis. Otherwise they end up packed away and you never see them.

Lily and Lionel have just released their Mr and Mrs Smith range. I love  LL  scarves, they never fail to tug at my purse strings. There are two new investment items I would like to own by the end of 2014 and  quelle surprise a LL scarf is one of them.

Mr and Mrs  Smith are all about luxury so its hardly surprising they have collaborated with LL. The three I’m featuring are all made from the fabric mix  90% modal, 10% silk  and are 100cm x 200cm. For me this would be the prefect gift for a loved one , maybe if there were a few family members or friends contributing. Who could not love receiving one of these beauties, maybe  a  unique way of capturing that perfect memory of a special trip !

detail_655    detail_654

My personal fave is the Highland Fling scarf, a portrait of a hirsute Highland cow in the fields outside Edinburgh. I love the colour green and I think this is fabulous and quirky 🙂



The  See you in Santorini  scarf a perfect view of the sparkling Aegean, stunning cool hues of blue.


The Hidden Venice scarf depicts the imposing frescoed façade of Palazzo Barbarigo, warm hues of reds and terracotta.

These are all available at Lily and Lionel in the UK for 100 pounds and yes they do post to NZ for 12 pounds.

But if you are in NZ or OZ it worth checking out the Mr and Mrs Smith website where the scarves are available for $170 AUS ( not bad with the current exchange rate )and postage is free, hooraaaa !!!!!

Please let me know which is your favourite, I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy 🙂


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