Fresh faced part 1

OK, before I start this, I need to make it clear that what I am typing is strictly my opinion only. Nothing more nothing less.

So, my skin care routine is based on years and years of trialing products and researching the wisdom and expertise of many professionals. My routine has changed many many many times and my loyalty to brands is zilch. I am product junkie and I like to try new things, however I do have a few staple products that I will also have at hand at all times.  I am realistic about skin care and products capabilites, my aim is about making my skin look the best it can, not getting rid of lines or making my pores close etc, i.e the  impossible 🙂

So here is my routine, I will vary slightly, but essentially it is

AM- Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, treatment, moisturise, sunscreen.

PM- Cleanse, Cleanse, tone, treatment, moisturise.

with some minimal variations.

3 x weekly face masks and as often as I can afford a professional facial.

So I have combination skin , oilier in the summer and dryer in the winter 🙂

So I am going to break this posting up into bite size pieces so firstly cleansers.

I have about 4 cleansers ( I can have more!)  on the go at any one time and these will change season to season, same goes for moisturiser. Brands have a range of products to suit skin types so obviously I have bought for me. Even though I have an oilier skin I no longer buy foaming products, ever. I believe they strip the skin and actually do more harm than good. I have a weekly routine that is reasonably constant but the products will change.

I love products and have gone through a ton of brands over the years. I can still remember buying Lancôme(my first), over the years I have dabbled with Clarins, Borghese, Elizabeth Arden,Origins, Aveda, Avene, Kanebo, Sheseido and quite frankly the list goes on and on and on 🙂 Yes I have a problem !

So I will focus on the current season, Summer and oilier skin.

My current cleansers of choice.

AM – I alternate daily with a clay based cleanser and a skin balancing cleanser ( non foaming). *I place the product into my hand, gently press my palms together so I have product on both then place my palms on my cheeks , then my right hand on my forehead and my left on my chin. I do this just to ensure I get good coverage of product. I place the product onto dry skin, as Caroline Hirons says when have you ever had a facial where they wet your face first ! I then gently massage the product in, approx. 1-2 mins and its lovely. I then repeat with the product in my hand and do the same on my neck and chest area( an area often neglected). I then remove the product with a clean flannel and yes its a clean flannel every morning ( I keep them folded in a basket close at hand at all times :). Rinse the flannel under tepid water , wring out and remove repeat as required. Then I finish with a splash of cool water and pat dry.

PM- If I’m wearing eye makeup, I soak 2 cotton pads with eye make up remover and place them over my eyes for approx. 1 min. I then gently wipe once. This takes off the majority of the product. At the moment I’m using,

RIMMEL Gentle eye makeup remover 125ml- ok not blown away, I would not repurchase.


Next I use a cleansing balm, a relatively recent addition to my routine and a step I shall forever do, I love it. A balm that uses plant-based oils (not mineral oil)  does an amazing job of grabbing makeup, oil and all the crap that sits on your face over the day. So this step removes all the rubbish. I take a small amount and dab both cheeks , forehead and chin. I then massage all over, eyelids an all. I then remove with a flannel as before. I then cleanse with a milk or a lotion repeating from * including my neck and chest area with this product. After removing with a flannel I splash with cold water and pat dry and put the flannel in the wash !

I do this part of my routine them moment I get home, I don’t like the idea of sitting with all the rubbish of the day on my face and it 5 mins of me time and relation when I get home, divine 🙂

I got my flannels from Farmers 1 pack of 6 get 1 pack free  all for $8, bargain they are a year old and still going strong.

ok products of choice at the moment.

AM –  REN- ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. A purifying, antibacterial cleanser formulated to combat and help prevent breakouts and blemishes.

images REN CLAY150ml


NZ Mecca Cosmetica in store only sorry ( think its $48) they will give you a great sample to try if you can get to a store.

Not always available on Strawberrynet – $44.50 so I would always buy from Mecca.

UK- The REN site 18 pounds, they do post to NZ for 15 pounds I would consider this if there was a special on or I was buying a few items.

I adore this product, its gentle non stripping and leaves your skin feeling fresh without any tightness. I rate highly.

I have noticed a number of sites that used to post to NZ no longer do. I last bought REN from Marks and Spencer in the UK for 14 pounds a bottle on special with free postage. This is no longer an option sadly, I received an email from M & S saying they can no longer post to NZ. But I will always keep an eye out and keep you posted 🙂

AM – Paulas choice- Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser

untitled paulacschoicecomes in a range of sizes. I bought the 473 ml. $55.

I really don’t like this, there is just something about it. A gritty like texture that I have since read other users comment in too. I will never repurchase. It does what is says but no thanks, I will use it cause I don’t like to waste products, but I would not recommend.

PM- CLINIQUE -Take the day off Balm. This fragrance free balm is a keeper I love it – 5/5 .There are a couple of other I will try, but this has set the standard high. I can’t speak highly enough about this and its performance. Its non irritating even on the eyes, removes all make up including mascara and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. The only reason I use the remover is I don’t like the idea of massaging mascara over my face when I massage this in ( this is just me preference)

Far superior to a Bobbie Brown balm I tried.

images0WY2ZFS4 125ml -( will last approx. 10 months with daily use you don’t need much )

$64 from Clinique counters nationwide

$51.50 Strawberrynet

UK 21 pounds from Clinique counters nationwide

Clinique is not eligible for international postage

PM- Clarins -Cleansing Milk With Alpine Herbs “Dry/Normal Skin. This is lovely and rich but doesn’t break me out. Leaves my skins feeling hydrated and soft, also non greasy

untitled clarins200ml

$51 Clarins counters nationwide

Strawberrynet $37.50

UK 18pounds Clarins counters nationwide. For those in the UK Escentual currently has 20 % off Clarins, sadly it is not eligible for international postage.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up, I don’t believe you have to stick with the same brand. Always get a tester, don’t make an expensive mistake. Enjoy the routine, its you time. 5mins is all you need !! oh yes and a clean flannel!!!

This is a personal thing, I appreciate not everyone is into skincare. But I will post reviews of new products I try and keep you posted of the best deals both in NZ and overseas 🙂

Phew 🙂 anyway tomorrow will be exfoliants !


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