skincare part 2

Exfoliation is a massive topic and this posting just skims the surface, no pun intended 🙂

Exfoliation – can be a manual process or a chemical process. Its aim is to get rid of all the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Exfoliating stimulates circulation and leaves skin looking smoother, finer and clearer. If you want to know more about exfoliation, can I suggest you ask a beauty therapist what is best for your skin or pop on to Beautypedia. If you already have it as part of your routine (and I highly recommend it ) here are some great products you might want to consider adding to your beauty regime.

REN – Clarifying Toning Lotion 150 ml. I use this every morning after I cleanse, it’s a refreshing yet gentle exfoliating toning lotion. Dampen your cotton pad and sweep over the face. Great for combination skin.

ren toner

Available at Mecca Cosmetica $51 NZ

This is the only place I have been able to source this product  no luck with Strawberrynet or Pharmacy Direct, sorry . I will keep you updated.

UK – 18 pounds

A couple of sites that I have used in the past have now placed restrictions on posting this brand which is annoying !

 Another great REN product is their Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. I use this at night twice a week, usually on a Sunday and a Thursday. A potent bio active peel mask designed to renew the complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone.  I adore this, I apply with a fanned painting brush(bought from the art shop, you use less product) and leave on for about 20 minutes then I remove with a damp flannel. This will definitely always be a regular for me as I love it, its still going strong after  6 months  and it performs. This product has consistently done well in beauty awards too.

ren mask

Available at Mecca Cosmetica $86 NZ

Strawberrynet $71.50 NZ

ASOS $67.19 (free shipping ) yay 🙂

I know where I would purchase!

UK -30 pounds

Finally as part of my exfoliation kit I use Liquid gold from Alpha H. This has reached cult status and with good reason.

Our best selling “cult” skin resurfacing treatment uses a state of the art, low pH delivery system to effectively diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage.

The Glycolic based formulation works like an “overnight facial” to brighten and revitalise tired, ageing skin, and radically improve the appearance of the complexion.

For mature, sun damaged, prematurely ageing and for acne-scarred skin.LG_award

 I use every other night, applied after cleansing and that is it, you do not put any other product on. This will last approx 12 months. Not available in NZ, I purchase from wherever I can find it the cheapest! My usual supplier is out of stock at the moment but Alpha H based in OZ do have stock available.

$69.90 – Alpha H

UK – 31pounds

Another great product is Paulas Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid

available on line here–BHA-Liquid.aspx#.UtJWd3mIrmI

In addition to these products I also use a flannel  twice daily when cleansing and for me this is a lovely gentle routine that has a really good effect.

This is what I do at home. Every few months I also treat myself to a peel.

Have a read about what’s out there, AHAs, BHAs. etc, it is vast. As I said Beautypdia is a great starting point. Its breaks it all down to skin type and best products. Also, I’m happy if you want to ask me any questions so I can try and point you in the right direction. I have spent a lot of time trawling through sites,reading reviews and doing the research so I’m happy to help where I can 🙂 I use these products now but I will always be on the lookout for others. Annoyingly  some of the products I’m itching to try are not available here nor are they available for international postage. But I will get my hands on them, eventually and keep you updated.

I started using chemical products about 2 years ago and for me and my skin this has been a positive experience. I don’t go mad and I don’t use harsh products . The products I use are good for a combination skin. Make sure what you use is right for your skin type, I really cant not stress that enough. When you get it right though your skin will thank  you for it !

Next toners !


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