A lovely reminder of a brand once used

A friend just returned back from the UK and came back with a gorgeous surprise, a beautiful Benefit lipstick.

Benefit have been around for years and not only built their brand and reputation on quality  products, but they also invested in the lovely quirky packaging and fabulous names for their products. If you walk into  a store today, you will spot Benefit a mile away, its fun and flirty.

images benefit

It’s just makes you want to go and have a play 🙂

So my gift was a lovely new lipstick from their Hydra Smooth Lip Colour range.

image1xl benefit lippy

Firstly is  packaging was gorgeous and the colour chosen “nice n teasy” is a lovely  rosy neutral colour that gives your lips  hint of colour and appears to lift your whole complexion . After I applied it, 2 people commented ! It is a lipstick /balm hybrid texture that is easy to apply and feels lovely on the lips. It is available in 10 shades.

image2xl range

Even though this was a gift I would definitely consider buying again , I just love it.

Smith and Caughey’s in Auckland are the only NZ supplier, whilst the lippy isn’t on their website, it would be worth paying them a visit to try it out. If you are flying out of NZ Benefit are now available at the International terminal GST free! I have checked out Strawberrynet, no luck I’m afraid and it falls within restricted postage, so Auckland it is !

But this got me to thinking about other Benefit products I have used and loved in the past. Because the brand isn’t readily available to me I have allowed it to fall off my radar. The first product I bought was Dr Feelgood quickly followed by Bene-tint, this was back in “97 “when the brand went international and was available in the UK, scary !

Dr Feelgood was a god send for my oily skin, a complexion balm that took the shine away and left you with a velvety smooth complexion. Perfect for touch ups throughout the day. This lasted me years, literally. It eventually died a death back in 2007/2008. I replaced the sponge regularly, so it just kept going. I have decided I will definitely replace this.

images dr feelggod

 NZ $57

Bene-tint- the first liquid lip and cheek tint I ever used. This rose tinted stain has a cult status and approximately  10 million bottles of the stuff has been sold. You have to work quickly with the product on your cheeks as it will dry rapidly.It can take a bit of getting used to, but the effect is very natural. The colour on your lips enhances your natural lip colour and you can also apply gloss/lippy over the top. Again this product will last!

untitled benetint

$57 NZ

I’m looking forward to my next trip to Auckland, it’s time to reconnect with Benefit, I will keep you posted.


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