Natural Glow

No, not the stuff that the lovely Suzanne Paul used to flog on infomercials

Let me introduce you two lovely products from Dior ! ( Now she’s talking I hear you say !)

Both the products below react to your chemistry, making these little beauties rather unique to you. Individualised colouring, happy days eh !

Dior Addict Lip Glow

s1162650-main-hero            s1572916-main-hero

This sheer balm enhances your natural lip colour, the balm itself is lovely and moisturising as well as having an spf 10. I tried this on a recent trip to Wellington and the colour was beautiful. The product is lovely to apply, its rich and the texture feels nice once applied, the smell is delicious too. The colour that developed  was stunning, it was unique to me and it showed. My eyes popped and my teeth looked whiter, er say no more. My friend, who speaks her mind (which is the sign of a true friend) was ever so impressed and said repeatedly how much she liked the shade and how this product seem to “lift” me if that makes sense. Now I sampled  the natural pink, but I see a new colour has also been introduced, pink coral. I will try and find out if it is available in NZ yet.*  I will definitely buy this product, I was genuinely impressed with the effect. Note that a balm will have to be retouched regularly , but if you want a natural look, you really must go and try this. Let me know what you think.

Nail Glow

French manicure in a bottle is the selling point of this product. Now I was already wearing polish, my  lovely YSL  so my friend tried this. The bed of the nail reacted in a stronger tone pink on her and whilst at first I as unsure whether I liked it, as the day went on I began to love it. The overall effect was natural and it has more of an effect than just a clear polish. It obviously changes over a period of time which is something to consider if you are applying it for an event, but I would encourage you to try it. I plan to try this soon and will keep you posted. I have read a few reviews and to be honest the responses are generally favourable, but until I try the jury is still out 🙂

nail glow

What really impressed me was the fat little brush, it made application a breeze. !

Over all I like the concept of these products, nice a natural with a hint of colour, perfect for the summer , weekends and holidays !

Available at Dior counters in Auckland ,Wellington and Christchurch.

Nail glow $47

Lip glow $55 * the pink coral arrived in NZ last Thursday.

If you try, ley me know what you think, grrrrrr wish I had a Dior counter close by !

Lip glow on Strawberrynet is $45.50 ( natural pink only) the polish is not available.

cheers and enjoy

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