Supporting local.

I have just returned from The Village night market held at the top end of George Street, next to the Convention Centre. A fabulous event that is deserving of local support. A combination of food and craft and entertainment, the event bought a wee bit of oomph to that corner of Palmerston North. The aroma of roasting nuts, the crunch of the most spectacular crisps on a stick. Let me explain, you know when you get an apple and you peel it so you end up with a spring like skin, well they did that to the spud, skewered onto a  stick, deep fried, hey presto crisps on a stick, were they popular, by heck they were. All of this contributed to a fabulous few hours supporting local business. There are two more events Friday 28th Feb and Friday 28th March, it will only be as good as the support extended by the people of Palmy. Fabulous tutu’s for the tots only $15, these were fab and they come with a head band. Beautifully made and are suitable for ages 2/3 up to 7/8 years. My fave this little purple number 🙂


you can email and they make to order, the photo doesn’t do it justice for the price !

I managed to avoid the tempting aroma of the caramelised almonds, just ! but loved these two next features and have caved and decide the buy the white speaker due to its versatility, great for travel, days trips to the beach, weekends away, etc !

These little gadgets are amazing, the quality was superb and the price point make these fantastic gifts for all ages.

The XMINI 2 portable speaker $50

   007                  max_x-mini-2-white-portable-speakers-j $50

This fantastic speaker is charged by USB, and last for 11 hours play, they plug into most mobile devices(always check though ).They reduce to pocket size and are available in a range of popping colours. Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards (Germany) and the Infocomm Singapore Awards. Here are the specs, very impressive, • Dimension: 60mm×W60 mm×H44mm (closed resonator)• Net Weight: 83g • Loudspeaker Output: 2.5W• Rating Power: 2.0W• Frequency Response: 100Hz-20Khz • Signal-to-Noise: F80db• Distortion: G1.0%• Playback Time: Up to 11 hours • Battery Voltage/Capacity: 400mAh• Battery Charging Voltage: 4.2V±0.05V • Battery Charge Time: 5V – 2.5 hours


thumb_x-mini-2-portable-speakers-green-j        thumb_x-mini-2-portable-speaker-purple-j       thumb_xmini2-speaker-red       thumb_x-mini-2-orange-portable-speaker-2thumb_x-mini2-blue-capsule-speaker-jthumb_xmini2-speaker-pink

 available at The Tech Boutique 44 George Street. They also have high spec speakers you might want to check out too. I love love love these ! Having looked online I will be honest and say the Tech Boutique are very very competitively priced.

The next gadget I saw

 My CocoPhone is a  very  fashionable, retro  handset that is compatible with all devices, including smart phones and Ipads. Why do people love them they Eliminate over 95% of emitted phone radiation, now don’t know about you but if you are on the phone all day , this just might have appeal ! Healthy and stylish,these puppies are on the rise, I guarantee you they will take off. There are already strong advocates for them including Lenny Kravits, Sarah JP and Orlando Bloom. At $25 a pop these colourful delights make a perfect gift. They come in a huge range of popping colours and your standard, classic black and white !

                   mycocophone-1       Too cool for school and only $25 !

005                    imagesR4LDONOW

The Tech Boutique 44 George Street

Well, I hope supporting local has given you some gift ideas !

Enjoy !

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2 Responses to Supporting local.

  1. silverflower says:

    Looks great – will put the next ones on my calendar!

  2. Karilyn says:

    Awesome – love those tutus and phone things

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