Skincare part 3

Toners, you either use them or you don’t. Some experts continue to advocate they are an absolute essential, others declare do not waste your money.

I didn’t tone for years, but reintroduced the step into my routine approximately 3 years ago. As well as using it in my routine I also decanted the toner into a spray bottle to spritz throughout the day. I had been using Avene Thermal Spring Water, but realised it was not fit for purpose. I profess to being no expert when it comes to skincare, I try different products, constantly read reviews and follow one or two skincare experts, Caroline Hirons is one of those experts! Check out her posting on Toners dated Wednesday, 11 August 2010, she explains it all in a no-nonsense manner.

I don’t support the view you have to spend a lot on a toner so my toner of choice is bought courtesy of Countdown or Farmers dependent on which is the cheapest.

L’Oreal Age Perfect refreshing toner 200ml


cheap and cheerful but effective. This is my go to, I usually spend around $15 for this.

Clarins Toning Lotion With Camomile 200ml


I usually get this when it is gift time and when it is part of a set. I avoid the green toner and only ever use the yellow toner with camomile.

Available at Clarins counters nationwide this retails for $49

In terms of application I pour a bit into my palm, press my hands together and gently pat over my face and neck.

I will keep you posted of any other products I try.

What I can say is from personal experience I would never use the Clinque  clarifying lotion again. It stripped my skin and I had a terrible reaction resulting in dry patches.

So next will be treatments.

Enjoy 🙂

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