Is it too early to think thermal !

With the temperature gauge still well and truly into the 20’s is it too early to think about thermals? Well personally I think not, especially when there are a few deals to be had !

Marks and Spencer known for its knickers ! ( everyone raves about M & S knickers) has got some truly fabulous lines.

I have purchased sportswear in the past and it is still going strong. So when I came across these, I thought I would share 🙂 Great for those of you who are sporty or great for weekend 🙂


Heatgen™ Thermal Premium Panelled Sports Long Sleeve Top .

20 pounds


Heatgen™ Thermal Zipped Sports Top

22 pounds

Layer, or wear this on its own. Great sportswear or perfect for casual wear.

and for him!

SD_03_T14_9402_Y0_X_EC_90 mans top m and s

Pure Merino Wool Long Sleeve Thermal Vest

26 pounds

Spend 30 pounds and Marks and Spencer delivers to NZ for free !

Marks and Spencer


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