All aboard the spice train.

As an owner of a YSL nail polish I can confidently say WOW.

They are truly beautiful, the brush, the product, the depth of colour, the quality …nothing is compromised. These polishes are worth every cent, I adore them. Its goes against everything I have said in the past about buying minis, sorry ! But a gal can change her mind !!!

The spicy collection, the latest release from YSL does not disappoint. Autumn and Winter are upon here in the southern hemisphere. When I think of the pop of colour some of these are going to add to my wardrobe of black, grey, khaki, navy , I think they will be a prefect accessory 🙂

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polish Spicy Collection (there is another number 45 not featured in this line up but is below)



untitled gold

Feuille d’Or top coat. A clear topcoat infused with gold fleck, this can be worn alone or over colour. Would probably suit some skin tones more than others, not my thing, but this has the ability to look beautiful over some of the shades below!

untitled 41


A beautiful nude in a  soft pink rose (I would probably consider a dupe for this shade).I will have a poke around and let you know what I come up with 🙂 OPI  and Essie do fabulous nudes for less than half the price and with nudes you have to make sure you get the right tone. Skin tone and nude colours have to be complimentary or it can look very very wrong, bit like a nude lippy ! If its not right for you it can make your teeth look ugh and your complexion washed out

images 42 2


As the name suggest a rich golden yellow. Again skin tone will feature here, with a tan I think this will be fabulous. Here for autumn /winter think how this might look against a black merino dress with a skinny gold belt and the orange coat featured before with the giraffe clutch. Yummy.

untitled 43

43- Opulente Canelle

A warm rich rosy colour a beautiful classic that will stand the test of time. This will see you from season to season. This would look fabulous with black trousers and a soft chiffon grey blouse.

untitled 44

44-Ambre Gingembre

A kind of deep pumpkin orange, a rich warm colour that will look fabulous  over the next few months.

I think of dark bitter chocolate cords and a gorgeous soft over sized knit, an afternoon in a pub with a fire, red wine and a bowl of fries 🙂 Scary what a colour can conjure up !

untitled 45

45 Piment D’Ailleurs

A great red that has cooler undertones. Fabulous with navy for a clean finished and polished look. Think navy suit, a pencil skirt and jacket with a tote of course 🙂

and finally

untitled 46

46 – Poivre Noir

A classic vamp dark plum a beauty for winter.

Think black waxed jeans, black jacket and a fabulous pair of black killer heels , throw on a deep charcoal faux fur.

$47- $48 at YSL counters nationwide

So a beauty of a collection that for me inspire a number of different looks and outfits. Just my thoughts but I hope you enjoy 🙂


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2 Responses to All aboard the spice train.

  1. Jolene says:

    I love the look of number 46, think I have the perfect TK dress to go with it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. sfn4 says:

    Its gorgeous, I popped a tester of it on yesterday, she is a beauty ! TK is fabulous by the way 🙂

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