Oh, I have gone to shoe heaven !

Moochi, a fabulous NZ woman’s boutique fashion brand and boy do they have some stunning pieces. I could seriously go mad in this store, I warn you browsing this site  should come with a credit card warning!

So these are  an item I will add to my  wish list I hasten to add 🙂  PS, I don’t think this will be the last time you hear about this brand from me 🙂

Epsy Flats

untitled epsy

Leather  espadrilles featuring bovine hair featuring a chic animal print $289.99.

I know these might not appeal to the masses , but these take me to a very very happy place, I luuurrrve them

Teamed with a  white bandeau dress, finishing just below the knee,  slouch pants, skinny black jeans, black pencil skirt,ah the list is endless,

Love these white rinsed jeans, team with an army green  military jacket buttoned up to the neck, keep it short  and structured, I did try to add the perfect jacket but for some reason it wouldn’t let me save the picture sorry !will try again tomorrow ,

add your epsy flats and  ah bliss, perfect weekend look !


For a touch of glam, wear the new hot pink nail polish from the Gwen Stefani range at OPI

Hey Baby




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