Investment pieces

Building a versatile wardrobe takes a few key classic pieces, that are your  regulars,  your staples , every women needs them !!!

One said item is the versatile, classic little cardigan. Invest in quality and this little piece will see you through a few seasons 🙂

Five years ago I did just that ! I opted for the following ,

 A Silkbody – silk and merino cardigan

72% silk, 13% merino, 15% cotton

To read all the benfits of this beautiful fabric read here, 🙂

NZ  based Silkbody produce a lovely range of fitted or loose, longline or cropped, cardi’s, so you are bound to find something. All  are made from their unique blend of silk, merino and cotton . They are practical yet luxurious, whilst being  soft, light and still incredibly warm. These beauties are so versatile, great for every occasion and perfect for travelling, they just don’t crease 🙂

The range of colours does vary every season. I have to say I did go for  black but as I said this for me was an investment piece so I wanted a colour that would be versatile in my wardrobe. At $180 I wasn’t in a position to get the colour wrong and no regrets . As I said for me classic black was perfect, I also opted for the timeless classic cardigan with natural shell buttons.

I’m struggling to get a good picture, sorry they are just coming up too small and the one I could have used with the model wearing the cardigan would have had you running to the hills, not the best photo to show case these beauties 🙂 The picture is more worthy of a catalogue  circa 1973 , sorry Silkbody  not great styling at all !

Clicking here will take you straight to the site where you will see 11 stunning colours ranging from emerald, sunset, sapphire  and storm.

For the full range of  cardigan styles press here

I adore my cardi, it has been amazing and is still going strong, a perfect investment and a stunning little all rounder 🙂 . I can pop this into the washing machine (front loader) and 5 years on, it is as good as new. If you pop onto the site, also check out the wrap scarf , this is the ultimate . At 220cm long it is versatile and a great item all year round. 🙂 Perfect summer wrap in the evening, perfect scarf for the cooler months.

Wrap scarf on the right. Love this colour green and a bit of a visual and colour for you 🙂

Wrap Scarf here  $190 again a great investment .

untitled silkbody travel

And for all of you based overseas, free international postage !

silkbody here

They also do menswear and baby clothes 🙂 Just to tempt you


scratch mitts in citrus $24.95 !



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