Skincare – Face masks

I adore facemasks, I always have a few on the go and happily use them on a daily basis! Terrible I know, but I find them so relaxing and the benefits are always visible.

So which one am I wearing now


Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask


This intense moisture replacement mask with Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oil literally soaks into the skin leaving it, plump and hydrated.

I apply a thin layer and voila, leave it to do it’s thing. I never tissue it off, rather leave it to absorb and I love the results.

It is targeted for dry skin, but even with my more combination skin I have never had a reaction or a breakout.

I use masks in direct response to how my skin is feeling and how it is looking, so I don’t use as per recommended times per week. I will use it when I need to.

This evening I did my usual double cleanse, then popped on the mask, a thin layer which at this point is pretty much absorbed.

I tend to avoid rich anti aging products and find  good cleansers, a range of masks,  chemical exfoliants  and a couple of serums tend to do the trick.

Other products will follow over the week 🙂

Origins can be bought in store or online from Mecca Cosmetica here 

It retails for $45 for 100ml, mine is now 5 months old and still going strong.

So now my skin feels slightly tacky to the touch and my skin looking glowing ! Perfect to apply before a night out 🙂


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