Keeping it clean, two new cleansers to share with you

I maintain my mantra, invest in skincare and look after your skin  and hey presto , you need less makeup, simple !

I love to cleanse and I love cleansers. For me it is a 5-10 min process that is indulgent and relaxing, especially the evening double cleanse 🙂

Part one, always massage in my balm, Clinique Take the day off, love love love it, followed by a rich creamy cleanser.

I am currently trialling Joyce Blok – Normal Skin Cleanser. untitled joyce blok

This is a new brand for me, a kiwi brand that has been around for the last 40 years. I’m really enjoying using this, I have had no reaction and it really is a no nonsense effective  product. The packaging is simple and easy to use, quick flick of the lid and the product is easily dispensed. The white and blue give a nice clinical look to the packaging  and the opaque container reduces any risk of sunlight messing with the product inside. Little risk of spillage or leaking, I like it.

The product, of which you don’t need much, they say about a 50 cent piece, massages in well and is easily removed with a damp face flannel and leaves no residue.

I bought this when it was on offer, so I go the 250 ml for the price of the 150ml. This product was recommended by my regular beauty therapist and so far it has not disappointed.

Joyce Blok – cleansers here

150 ml – $36

250- $49.

These prices are comparable to premium beauty ranges like Clarins, Clinique, Estee Lauder etc.

Based on my experience with this product, I will trail others 🙂

My next cleanser, is one I use in the mornings only.

Kate Somerville- an American brand  that has a reputation for  having effective products that get results.

Kate Somerville -Gentle Daily Wash

Skin Concern: All Skin Types, Anti-Aging, Discoloration, Dry, Sensitive

A gentle formula that comes in a thick gloopy gel like texture . Less is more and I use about a 5 cent piece size. Now they say massage onto damp skin, I don’t. I massage it onto dry skin, then wet my hands and then massage again for about 1 minute. I then rinse with tepid water and pat dry. Again, very happy with the product having used it now for about 4 weeks. Zero reaction/irritation  and an effective product. I will happily try other products from this range. It is non drying that I genuinely like using. My skin is left feeling hydrated, soft, and refreshed. Interestingly enough the packaging is very similar to Joyce Blok! Easy to use and dispense, with a twist top lid.

The size is smaller than usual and is only 125ml. Saying that the amount needed is definitely less so I wouldn’t be surprised if this size lasts 4 months which isn’t bad actually. I like the brand, I will trial other products, I have a list ! and yes I would recommend.


Available from Mecca Cosmetica here $48, more expensive given the quantity but again the minimal amount needed might mean I have this longer ! Recommend a big yes 🙂

For people interested in the UK you need to order from her website and the product will be posted to you. I can  not find a physical stockist !


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