A self tanning booster!

I’m definitely going to get my hands on this innovative little beauty. Clarins has done it first and if it, which I suspect it will be, is a roaring success due to its versatility, I think other companies will be jumping on to the boost train so to speak.

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden glow booster

untitled clarins booster

Basically you add 3 drops to any day or night cream to make your own instant  tan  for a sun-kissed skin all year long. Based on the results achieved with your first few uses, you can choose to continue to apply three drops to intensify your tan or reduce to one or two drops to maintain it. The tan will gradually fade when you stop using the product.

How fantastic is that ! bloody marvellous .The reviews I have read to date have all been glowing, pardon the pun. Clarins have a great reputation for self tanning products and I’m sure this one will not disappoint.

I will keep you updated, in the meantime if you have used it, please share your experience 🙂 would love to hear.

Now on my quest to find a price for this ,I’m not sure that this is actually available in NZ yet. The only place I could find it was Pharmacy Direct here $41

This product is not available for international postage so many of the sites in the UK that stock this are not an option sadly. The average price I have come across is 18 pounds , however Escentual currently have it on offer for 15 pounds 80 pence here UK delivery only.

Don’t forget, share if you have used !


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