Witchery- OCRF

A perfect gift for Mothers Day and supporting a great cause.

Every year Witchery bring out a  range of collections  to support fund raising for the Ovarian Cancer Research foundation, if you want to read more about it press  here  

There are some lovely pieces of silver plated  jewellery, here are some of my favourites 🙂


OCRF Sentiment Bracelet NZD $49.90


The OCRF Sentiment Bracelet is a stunning staple with a beautiful message of ‘Love’ engraved on the drop pendant here

OCRF Sentiment Necklace NZD$59.90

6116_35008_38103 necklace

Beautifully classic, the OCRF Sentiment Necklace can be worn at varying lengths – double it over for a shorter statement necklace effect. The versatile style features two drop chains with the simple message of ‘Love’ inscribed on the rings. here

OCRF Sphere Cuff NZD$49.90


This dainty bangle features a twist front with sphere detail. here

OCRF Sphere Ring NZD $29.90


Curved to end in two varying sized spheres the OCRF Sphere Ring is striking in its simplicity. here

If you want to see the full range go here


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