I’m back !

Hi sorry folks, have had a little holiday 🙂 I was thinking of posting whilst I was away, but honestly it just wasn’t practical. And I have always said this blog is something I enjoy, I didn’t want to feel pressure to post etc etc The good news, boy have I shopped 🙂 so I will be sharing a lot with you over the next few posts :).

I’m in love with all things Dior at the mo. A fave is their range of nail polishes, absolutely gorgeous.

I shouted my big sis this as a belated present, I had one very happy big sis 🙂

 Dior Vernis 803 metal Montaigne.

dior 803

I joke not, I walked the streets of the city of Birmingham for this and finally found it, I think it was literally the last bottle in the city.

And I can see why. A stunning metallic grey that is rich in colour with a prefect glossy finish. A classic all rounder this is perfect for all seasons. Not easy to come by in my experience but a beauty if you manage to get hold of one, you will not be disappointed, a truly perfect gift.

$54 NZ or 18 pounds 50 pence UK available at DIOR counters nationwide…hopefully !!

Just to continue my praise of DIOR, I finally treated myself to their topcoat which is now on my list of , I have tried this and will never use another. Honestly, BEAUTIFUL, is dries in 60 seconds and is like a little coat of shiny armour for your nails. It left mine looking like I had just left the salon after an expensive manicure, I love it. Again a perfect treat or gift. Read the reviews if you need to be convinced !!!

Top Coat Abricot

top coat

Approx $52 NZ or 17 pounds 50pence UK

Another find and possibly my favourite pink nude

OPI Bubble Bath, not new but new to me, this is a very pretty soft toned natural pink. A hint of colour leaving the whites of your nails still visible. Perfect for everyday , love it.

opi bubble bath

The DIOR topcoat was perfect over this!

$22.95 from Farmers




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