Only L’Occitane

Can essentially take  hand sanitizer and make it this appealing !

Firstly it is called a hand purifying gel, so much nicer 🙂

Its contains essential oils with a beautiful fragrant smell of lavender, check !

It absorbs beautifully, check !

I got this as a gift with purchase, on a recent visit to the UK and I’m sold. Let me introduce you to

Lavender Hand Purifying Gel Organic Certified by L’Occitane.

Clean hands on tap ! A great size, this little beauty has been carried around in my handbag for the past 3 weeks and has been extremely handy. I found it particularly useful on the 36 hour journey back!!. The smell is truly divine and the tiniest of product is needed.

Would I buy this independently, probably for certain occasions, like travelling etc. I also think with the handcream it would make a lovely gift.

L’Occitane  has stores located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. I have not been able to locate this online in NZ but it may be available in store, I will keep you posted. It is $14 AUS or 8 pounds 50 UK pounds.

location finder here

The products from this range are truly beautiful. I also purchased handcreams and a hydrating mask, the gift with purchase was spectacular so I will also review once used.


let me know if you use any of their products and what you think.

My favourite range is the Verbena, fresh and zesty, beautiful, but the lavender is a close second !


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One Response to Only L’Occitane

  1. Angie Dodd says:

    I’m a great fan of L’Occitane but haven’t tried this yet. It’s now on the wish list…….

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