A perfect partnership.

I love a good eyeliner and mascara, daily staples for me. I would literally forgo all other makeup products if I had to, but never these 🙂

Whilst on a recent trip to the UK, I was incredibly fortunate to have my makeup done by a top Lancôme makeup artist. It was by pure chance and an opportunity I thoroughly enjoyed. Consequently I now have two new favourites.

Lancôme Khôl Hypnôse :Waterproof. Available in 5 colours

Noir,Brun, Marine,Prune and Vert

I plumped for the classic noir, a staple for me. It is really easy to apply, it literally glides on, helped by the creamy texture and the twist applicator. Its smudge resistant and water resistant and basically stayed put all day.  I applied it to the upper waterline and it helps with making the lashes look fuller whilst adding subtle definition for a great day look.

untitled lancome           images nibs

$35.50 from Strawberrynet here

Lancôme counter prices approx. $42

Uk  18 pounds 50 pence.

Matched with the Hypnose mascara STAR, where V stands for VOLUME !

A lover of Lancôme mascara for some reason I had never used this one. It has now shot to the  top of my list of faves. The wand is key, it built up my top lashes beautifully whilst allowing me to get subtle definition on the bottom. This product came highly recommended and I have to say it has delivered and then some. The packaging is gorgeous and be prepared this product was inspired by Betty Boop and her huge eyes, enough said 🙂

untitled DRAMA

$58 NZ from Lancôme counter nationwide or 22 pounds UK

For me the perfect partnership 🙂 the definition on  the eyes is beautiful and you really don’t have to be an expert in application to achieve a great look  with both products 🙂


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