Pale Mauve #73 and a bit of useful info !

I love a bit of Bobbie Brown, she just gets women and this is reflected in her amazing makeup range.

I recently came across a perfect pink nude, so flattering !

Perfect for everyday or as an accompaniment to that heavenly smokey eye

Pale mauve #73 a great all rounder 🙂



Ladies of New Zealand, pop to Postie Plus.

They are currently stocking some fabulous No 7 and Botanics  products from Boots the chemist in the UK.

All the No 7 products are $20 including the Protect & Perfect serum that caused all that fuss a few years ago, you know the serum that actually works ! Well it has now been superseded by a new advanced serum. Postie are selling the original, but hey it still works and it is an amazing price, this retailed for 23 pounds !

A couple of Botanic products that I’m currently using is their  Radiance Beauty Balm and also their radiance mask. Check them out, prices are $12 NZ !!!

Anyway I would encourage you to pop in and take a look at what they have in stock.


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