The Bodyshop Born Lippy Lip Balm in Pink Berry

One of my absolute favourites, I use this on a daily basis.

The smell is gorgeous and the product is excellent. It’s a lovely texture and the stick balm glides on with ease. The balm is moisturising as well as giving a soft hit of colour.

There are 6 different flavours and shades, pink berry is the only one I have used.

90739m_m_l strawberry90740m_m_l plum90741m_m_lpomgranate 90742m_m_l toffee90766m_l pink berry90767m_m_llychee

A body shop best seller for a reason !

Available in Body shop stores nationwide

$10.00NZ OR 3 UK pounds

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One Response to BORN LIPPY

  1. jennifer rullan says:

    I am using the strawberry at the moment but have used the pink berry – they are slick to use and pleasant tasting, always have one in my beauty case.

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