Meet me at sunset !

Well I had set me heart on Chanel Holiday.

I had seen a picture where the model was wearing this gorgeous vibrant orange and I had the outfit and accessories in mind straight way 🙂

So here is Holiday 617


But at $47 I thought, argh,  nice but do I want to spend $47 ? Well no I didn’t as I also had other gorgeous little things on my list I wanted 🙂

So I popped onto a couple of nail websites, OPI, REVLON and ESSIE and hey presto had a little look at some potentials and then off to Farmers I went 🙂

I am sooooooo very very happy. For $17 I purchased

ESSIE, Meet me at sunset.

It met the brief perfectly, a stunning vibrant orange that  was lovely to apply and has a great depth of colour. Finished off with my DIOR Top cat, (seriously buy this you will not be disappointed )

this nail polish is divine  and a perfect alternative !



Can I just say this shade is so versatile and looks particularly stunning with navy, olive green,grey  and monochrome !

Love it !

I have quite a little collection of polishes on the go, actually not too excessive my staples of red, a nude and a dark shade, a great teal, a French navy and a hot orange 🙂 mmmmmmm

Next ……. a yellow !











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