Sorry folks I’m not feeling the white look

 so having spent the past 55 mins dabbling and writing and searching , I have scrapped it !

I will revisit 🙂

so my lovely ladies check this out instead!

Christian Louboutin, the iconic shoe designer known for his signature red sole, a wee reminder

both these pairs retail for around the $1900 nz  mark !





Masterpieces, truly spectacular

Anyhow the story behind the red sole goes something like this.

Design of first shoe, check

Prototype made, major disappointment, something was missing. His assistant was painting her nails at this time, red funnily enough, can you see where I going with this !

Any how, to cut a short story short, he grabbed the bottle painted the sole red and the rest is history 🙂

So where am I going with all of this you wonder.

Well the man of shoes is now venturing into beauty, nail polish in particular as his believes that  his giving back to polish.

The collection launches with the signature ″Rouge Louboutin″ followed by a range of 30 luxury nail colours. It just so happens ″Rouge Louboutin″ exactly matches the classic red sole. Now you can only imagine how may takes that took, rumour has over 50 🙂

So check out the master of designs bottle


images 1

 the bottle, is 20.5cm tall, exactly the same height as the Ballerina Ultima – the highest heel ever created by Christian Louboutin. Now I wouldn’t mind this on my dresser !

So its being launched in Selfridges any day now and I will keep you posted. I think this will be flying out of the revolving doors so to speak.

No idea of the price but I would say around the 35 pound mark.

oh and for something completely different check out these great bags from ZARA 20 pounds each


too cute !!!











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