A great little find.

 Have just got back from a spur of the mo night away to Ahuriri Napier.

I experienced  a wicked Chicken Jalfrezi, Yum, a dance in the local tavern, Yee haa and a fabulous shop called BAZ*AR THE EMPIRE.

Based on Bridge Street (2/91 Bridge Street,Ahuriri ) This beautiful space offers pieces from some cracking brands including, Saben, ELK, Kathryn Wilson, First Base and 2nd Day to name a few.

From clothing to home -wares to beauty to jewellery they offer a little bit of everything and are lovely to boot.

It is great to support local so please do check them out if you are over that way, you will not regret it.


Just a little taster for you!

Saben Baby Regan $480 here

timthumb baby regan

First Base Babin’ crossover Dress Stripe $155 here

untitled first base

Converse All Star leather sneaker $145 here


Lindi Kingi Howlite Cream Bracelet – Silver $35 here


Saben Skinny Dip- currently sold out but the matte finish is available.


So you fabulous little shoppers out there, don’t forget to check them out online or pay them a visit.

We really do need to make sure that places like this continue to thrive!!!

cheers !

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