Ah , Just right!

My quest to find the perfect red lippy was like the tale of the 3 bears and their quest for the perfect bowl of porridge !

One lippy too matte, one too orange , one too bright ….. but then ah, there was a just right 🙂

Bobbie Brown : Old Hollywood.

The name said it all. A mixture of vintage classic red that applied beautifully and popped with colour, was moisturising oh yes and made my teeth look whiter, bonus.

This lippy really did tick all of my boxes. This perfect vintage red gave wonderful coverage.

Perfect for that glamorous night out or add a touch of glam to your jeans and marl grey t shirt !

This packaging is not currently available but I’m hoping it might come back out again for the festive season, keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

Bobbie Brown : Old Hollywood.


 Other honourable mentions

YSL Rouge Pur Couture – #1: Le Rouge

came a very close second

imagesUG7BNDX1 2ND


Lancôme Rouge in Love #181N Rouge Saint Honore


It really is worth spending time trying to get the right red for you. When you get it right, you will just know 🙂 Right now where is my faux fur !

Happy Shopping


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