BY eck, no By Terry !

This is possibly the best loose powder I have ever been recommend.

Every now and again you come across a product that you just know will be a staple for ever :).

Having returned a mineral powder recently, I was convinced I would never find a powder to remove that mid day shine. (trust me I have trailed a few)Having an oily complexion does have its +’s but the summer months are a quite frankly a bloody nightmare. That mid day shine where everything literally slides off your  face is not the look of choice !

What has put me off other powders is the slight chalky look you can be left with or when the powders sit in on the face exaggerating the fine lines , very unflattering.1-byterry-hyaluronichydrapowder

Well you can say goodbye to all of that with By Terry HYALURONIC HYDRA–POWDER

A dual skin care and makeup innovation, this hyaluronic acid powder is the new finishing product for flawless, shine-free and perfect hold makeup results, without drying out the skin.

This powder is seriously good. When I say a little goes a long way I mean it. A very very light dab of this down the t zone took all the shine away immediately when I trialled it on Saturday., a very warm day in Wellington. This was around 1.00pm , at 5ish sitting in a hotel bar, the shine was still no where to be seen.What was different though is that this powder doesn’t mask the skin , if that makes sense. Nothing worse that being able to see makeup on the skin.You want people to say your skin looks good , not your foundation! So there was no heavy coverage just a shine free face but you still retain the healthy glow, truly beautiful.

So I have got some to trial but in all honesty I know this is a product that will be worth investing in.

Available via Mecca Cosmetica here in NZ and in Australia here $94

In the UK you can find By Terry products in Space NK here £ 42

Now don’t get me wrong I know this is pricy but this is more that just a powder and if you don’t wear much makeup ….actually I’m not going to justify anymore,this product is exceptional 🙂

Happy shopping


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