Pure Dior Indulgence

  I suspect this stunning little delight will be off the shelves faster than any other Christmas beauty gift this year and with reason.

It is pure delight, an exquisitely packaged illuminating highlighter from Dior as part of their Golden shock collection.

The case has a vintage feel and it really does make you gasp in delight.I know that sound silly, but seriously for anyone that loves beautiful products this will make you feel warm and fuzzy. I oohed and arrrrd when I last visited Kirks where it was waiting to be put out the following week. Coming in a beautiful velvet pouch  the receiver of this gorgeous gift will love you that little bit more !

Available in Gold shock and pink shock. Don’t mess around if you want this, this is being featured in many a blog worldwide !!!

$104 /£49


Actuall,I’m not sure which one I would go for, I might need to visit Kirks for a try on !!

                359-84011246-F071938002_GOLDSHOCK_M        359-84011246-F071938002_PINKSHOCK_M

Check out the full collection here I have already featured the nail polishes .The Christmas collection  2014 is sublime.

I mean check out this lippy !


Daring Shock

Eight shades to choose from, I also love the look of passion shock too


Two sides two effects matte and metallic




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