Hello 2015!!

Crikey where does the time go, its been about 3 weeks since I last blogged, sorry folks.

Well I do hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Christmas and New Year and you were able to have some quality time with family and friends.

I have got some great ideas planned for 2015, so am really looking forward to get stuck in.

Tomorrow I will be  reviewing  two lovely skincare products from aspect, an Australian brand that quite frankly is super, effective and at a great price point.


I been asked for a feature on some classic one piece swim suits , that will follow shortly.

The colour of the year Masala, a stunning red/brown so will show case some perfect accessories too.

I’m going to be talking about building a capsule wardrobe and thought maybe an accessory of the week might be a nice weekly feature.

Send me any thought or comments on products you might want to see.

I will be back on board tomorrow 🙂

Cheers and Happy Shopping !

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One Response to Hello 2015!!

  1. smudge says:

    Looking forward to seeing the swimsuit stuff!

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