A new balm to try.

I have just finished the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm. This has acquired a cult status and pretty much all the top bloggers have it on their shelf. I purchased it last May and to be fair I use it a lot, so overall I have been pleased with how long it lasted. I finished it last night, but whilst I really enjoyed using it, I didn’t feel the need to go out and replace it. Very different to Mecca Cosmetica To save face spf 30, that puppy doesn’t go below half with out me having another. Saying that I tried to replace today and argh sold out. I’m waiting on a phone call 🙂 I hope it comes soon.

emma hardie  to save face

so balm finished, thought ok time to try a new one.

Following a recommendation from an ex Space NK employee  ( who also said Eve Lom Rescue mask was the best  and gave me a couple of top tips which I will share ) I decided to try Bobbie Brown Extra Balm Rinse.

ECC5_l bobbie

This is the 50 ml tube, ( great for a trail and handy for travel ) and only $31 .

I had a demo and a trial and trust my you need a tiny amount, old 5 cents/20 pence  Gently warm the product in your hands , the balm changes to an oil, apply  this to the face , massaging well. Wet your hand and massage again, the oil changes to a milk lifting all the makeup and grim from the day. Remove with water and a trusty flannel. I will write a review once I have used it for a couple of weeks.

I will use this as my first cleanse, then follow with a milk or cream,

It really is worth sitting and talking with the consultants, that way you really get to understand the best way to use the product which is obviously what we all want, enabling the best results 🙂

I will keep you posted.

Happy Shopping


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