When you try and like a brand but it just doesn’t like you !

I’ve had a very annoying relationship with Dermalogica for years !! I know its not quite right, but for some reason I keep going back in the hope that one day it might just be.

Ever the optimist, over the years I have learnt to love dark chocolate, as a kid I hated it! Still bloody hate chocolate orange though ugh !


Maybe my love of skincare means I can’t bear the thought of not liking a brand. I have tried so many products from the range over the years, but I have finally come to the realisation that my relationship with Dermalogica is over !

My latest dabble has been with the age smart range I have been using :

the cleanser, skin recovery with spf 30 and the skin primer spf30. I’ve used four reasonably large samples(10ml each) of all the above products but its just not for me.

Firstly the smell, I tried to ignore it, but it is just too  bloody funky, kind of chemically smelling and it boy does it linger. I know this shouldn’t be the first thing I write, but to be honest it was seriously  off putting from the get go.

The cleanser, meh, I’m not a fan, my skin never feels or looks great after I use it and I almost want to cleanse again to get rid of that bloody awful smell.

The recovery cream spf 30,  great that it has spf in it, but again the smell, not nice and you get wafts of it periodically. The consistency is reasonably light but it does leave a slight white cast on my skin.

And finally the primer, possibly the worst I have ever tried. This out of all the products has the strongest pungent smell. The colour is  too dark and the texture is too silicon like and thick for my liking.

So for me this range has put the final nail in the coffin with Dermalogica, no more !

Sorry to all you fans out there and I’m sure there are many , but it’s just not for me.


 Oh I nearly forgot, I do like their lip balm/treatment, my go to for flights and holidays .

untitled lip

There you go, always end on a positive!

 Cheers and happy shopping

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