New season W15

It is weird typing this wearing a sarong with the sunshine streaming through the windows 🙂

Winter 15, yay new season clothing is beginning to filter through and I bloody love it :).It’s no secret that I love autumn/winter, its so much more fashion friendly 🙂 layer ,layer ,layer and coats galore, fabulous. And accessories, well don’t get me started, leather gloves, long and short, hats, scarfs, wraps  hmmmmmmm:)

So Gregory and Ricochet have released some of their looks online, at this stage to view only. Some of the stock is just starting to trickle through in store now, but it will basically start filtering through weekly from now on, so keep an eye out. So I’m going to feature  few pieces that I love from the small range currently showing, this doesn’t reflect the whole collection. Note if you see something you love, don’t mess around !!! Layby or buy nothing worse than procrastinating and then missing out.

Ricochet collection is called Emerald City. A few of my favourite pieces are

untitled emeral coat

classic monochrome, the Emerald coat, a beautiful check coat that will stand the test of time, gorgeous.

untitled chrome top

marbled effect Chrome top an all rounder that will transition from day to night with ease.

untitled aubrey shirt

Need a new crisp white shirt, you wont go far wrong with the Auburn shirt, simple and sharp every wardrobe should own one.(I’m loving this whole look, including the shoes )

untitled tall

My name is Tallulah, stunning.Waiting to be teamed with a classic over sized knit one day or a classic statement piece of jewellery and suede  heeled ankle boots the next.

untitled jumper

Callisto Jumper Bisque a beautiful knit that can be worn with a classic pant, jeans or skirt, versatile in both style and colour.

To check out some of the range go here international post is available.

The preview of the Gregory Collection is tiny, I am liking the classic culottes the tailoring looks spot on.


The  tailored pant and fine knit is a classic year  after year


So there you have it a little taste of what is to come 🙂

Sharp and modern from Ricochet and classic from Gregory, all pieces that will staples in your wardrobe for more than  a season,

PS a quick reminder, don’t keep  things for best, you should enjoy wearing your clothes and accessories every single day, all of them!

 happy shopping


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