Lashes and brows

I have only recently started using  a brow pencil. Strange I know because for many its a can’t leave home with out staple.

I think its because of my colouring, ash blond. Whilst I bleach my hair I often found the colours put on me at the counters just seem too harsh. There are a couple of products that I would like to try but they are not available her in NZ. So I just kept trying in the hope that one day ……

Well ladies that day arrived last year when I was introduced to

Hourglass Arch Brow sculpting pencil- bloody love it.


Available in 3 shades, Blonde, Dark Brunette and Soft Brunette.

The blonde was perfect for me. The wax pencil is very easy to apply and it looks very natural. They talk about a wax that performs like a powder, a bit lost on me all I know is it works!. It’s incredibly easy to apply, the angle of the pencil is perfect for both long strokes and precision work. It holds all day and I’ve never experienced a smudge moment !Oh yes and I love the fact that there is also a brush the other end , perfect !

$52 available from Mecca Cosmetica here

I wouldn’t be alone when I say I will always be searching for the ultimate mascara 🙂

Never satisfied and convinced that there is a better one out there my quest continues. My default used to be Lancôme, but ……

I have been using Kevyn Aucoin Volume and I seriously love it.


The thin brush is very versatile. You can keep it very natural or build up to beautiful long lashes that still look natural. No clogging, no smudging, no flaking. Very impressive indeed. It does was its says its does thickens, separates, and lengthens dramatically without clumps and I love the stylish packaging too . I will definitely use again,

But am I still searching , eerrrr YES 🙂

$45 available from Mecca Cosmetica here

Happy shopping


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