Classic Biker, modern twist

I’m on a quest to find a classic black leather  biker jacket.

I  keep coming back to these two.

Topshop Authentic Washed Leather Biker Jacket


Great reviews, very  soft leather that has a lovey worn look. It seems to come up a bit large, but is consistently very very popular

£165 here

The other comes from All Saints

The Bleeker Jacket


This is in a completely different price bracket!! I would see this as more of an investment piece and its is more authentic in its look and definitely more black as opposed a washed look. The hardware is finished to a high standard and overall the jacket looks edgy. This will need to worn and broken in ! Slim fitting as opposed to more relaxed, does it look a tad more polished??

£328 here

SO !!!! which so you prefer out of curiosity which you would pick 🙂

So there are lots of jackets out there but some have moved away from the classic jacket which I prefer. So I don’t want a modern twist I want a classic !

What I have noticed is the range of faux leather jackets , check out River Island and Top shop, I think they pretty much have every colour covered! The prices sit around £50-60.

 661466_main 664818_rollover


664461_rollover 664463_rollover 664464_rollover

Happy Shopping


and don’t forget to tell me which you prefer or feel free to recommend based on what I have said I’m looking for 🙂


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One Response to Classic Biker, modern twist

  1. Bex says:

    Hey Sam, I like the top, top shop more relaxed jacket, it looks more comfortable!! Not that fashion should be comfortable 😉 and as for the White one, I want one! Very cool for summer styling , cheers Bex .

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