L’Occitaine and Elemental Herbology skincare review.

Skincare, I love it and I’m always happy to try new products, my personal weakness, cleansers! Why ? Because they makes all the difference you  will read time and time again, cleanse, cleanse, cleanse !

I cleanse every am and double cleanse every pm without fail and I adore it. I just love the whole process, so relaxing and not a chore at all 🙂 It’s me time.

As I have said many times before, good skin is what it is all about. Good clean,well balanced skin that will make all that beautiful makeup better to apply and it will look better on your face, as you wont need as much! Don’t forget you shouldn’t be able to see foundation !!

images 1

So good skincare and good routines are your best friend. If you don’t bother to invest in your skin and your routines  you are really not doing yourself any favours !!!

All you do is apply more make up to cover up the not so great skin  and then poor removal of makeup  means you are not treating your skin the way it needs and you get a lack lustre complexion etc etc , other wise know as a vicious circle !!

So please and its never too late, I seriously believe that too, get yourself a good routine. And trust me all you lovely young readers out there you will be thankful later on !!! Oh yes and don’t forget sunscreen, all year round, face and hands!!!

 Anyway …..

So one of these products was purchased last year in the UK , the other here in NZ. One is a cleanser, one a hydration mask

Elemental Herbology Purify and Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm

untitled eh

This is an oil based cleanser, that is marketed as a makeup removing cleanser.

This is a very thick product and to be honest I found it bloody difficult to dispense. I had to really squeeze the tube in order for the product to come out. Due to the consistency I then found it quite hard to massage the skin, it felt like hard work. And cleansing shouldn’t feel like hard work. The smell isn’t for everyone, I have to say I’m quite tolerant of weird smelling products, comments are frequently made about Dr Perricones no foundation foundation , that didn’t bother me in the slightest ! Once the product has warmed up you can actually start to really massage well. You definitely need to remove this product with a hot flannel, rinse and repeat 2 /3 times. I tended to use this as the first cleanse to remove makeup during the evening and sometimes in the morning as it did leave my skin looking healthy and feeling soft. So yes it did the job, but I didn’t really enjoy using it and for that reason I would  not repurchase. There are other balms out there I enjoy using more. So I used the whole product, it wasn’t as though I couldn’t use it, I just wasn’t blown away. I have a combination skin and it didn’t break me out.

So yes it worked, it removed makeup but  its not for me.

L’Occitane Angelica Instant Hydratation Mask


or 3 minute miracle worker!

Perfect in the morning during the summer and perfect for holidays and post sun ! This cooling hydration gel is just what you need to pep up the skin before you head out and it works in 3 mins so no excuse about time, perfect  quick results. Alternatively  post sun exposure, this is cooling and hydrating just what your skin needs. The light gel texture means it is easy to apply and the smell is divine. Easy to dispense and the tube is perfect for travel

So yes I would repurchase, for me its a summer product.

Product reviews to follow Estee Lauder Take It Away Makeup Remover Oil

untitled oil

First impressions, Amazing love love it and that is after one use! Lauder are rocking it for me at the mo, very impressed. Full review will follow in a couple of weeks.

Happy shopping


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