An autumn alternative to a dark nail

I have been reluctant to mention the colour grey for very obvious reasons, but the hype is definitely declining speedily, so……

Here in the southern hemisphere the clocks have changed and the nights are drawing in , but the days are still beautifully warm and sunny. I love a dark nail

Dior : Smoky

untitled smokey

A stunning blackened plum deep. I do love this colour but overall I’m not blown away with the texture of the polish or the brush. The lacquer is on the thin side and the brush, too narrow. However the pay off with three coats (which is not usual with Dior polishes) a beautiful depth of colour and a shine like a polished black doris plum. 🙂

A great dark cherry alternative the classic OPI Lincoln park after dark



Midnight in Moscow, another deep rich red/brown gorgeous

midnight in moscow

But sometimes a grey is a beautiful alternative, particularly when we transitioning into winter or out of winter !

These two are without a doubt my faves, both Dior but the quality of colour and their application is exquisite. Not new colours but still the prefect grey for me.

Junon #494


A beautiful creamy grey , lush


Metal Montaigne #803

dior 803

A gorgeous metallic pearly  grey (I bought this for my sister too and she loved loved loved it)

So a few classic polishes, the OPI’S have stood the test of time and are without doubt established, but for me Dior still knock nail polishes out of the park. They are the perfect consistency and the brush is perfect, nice and chubby.

Please share your recommendations of any dark cherry/plum or grey shades, I always love to hear.

Happy shopping


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