The ultimate Shearling Jacket

 Ah crap, this is the ultimate seasonal buy for me.

This has shot to the top of my wish list, what’s not to love.

Part of the Time machine collection due to be released next season, this is the perfect early delivery.

Karen Walkers  Aviatrix Jacket is divine, actually I really like the look of the collection, earthy and autumnal, warm rich tones mixed with denims and pastels with a pop of colour.

Available in chestnut, my must have.Ahem this takes me to my happy place!

KW_Resort16_3163_LowRes-435x559FW15 KAREN WALKER

also available in petrol blue


Now this item, not surprisingly comes with a price tag that made me express a little gasp, $2,670.00

Trust me when I say I would eat beans for a year to get my hands on this Chestnut jacket. This equates to 667 flat whites, if I drank them daily I would happily given them up for 18 months. So my walk home from work today was how could I get my hands on this, I could give up wine, but that would be bad for my health so sadly not a option really. And anyway who is going to give up red wine for 2 years, seriously ! Mr G my lovely hubby could I persuade you to give up 140 packets of cigarettes!!!

So I came to the conclusion everyone has a vice or will justify parting with their cash when something floats their boat, I phones, computer games, hobbies, you get my drift. So no I won’t be making a purchase, but maybe my next trip to Wellington will have me scouring some of the fabulous second hand shops in Cuba Street. Saying that an investment piece worn for 10 years means this is a bargain 🙂

Or Karen please feel free to send  one my way :), I will love it forever and my silver tab Levi flares circa 1991 will look fabulous with this spectacular garment !

So if I win lotto this weekend this will be my first purchase 🙂 but for now this  ultimate shearling jacket will remain at the top of my wish list 🙂

Karen Walker patent shearling jacket here

Happy Shopping


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